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- 2016 -

  • Intel Israel Greatest Makers | Intel

    Co-directed a 3 months hacking program that used Intel Joule and Intel Realsense to create robots and smarthome devices.
    [america's greatest makers]
  • Easiest Website Ever | FLUX

    Step-by-step instructions to create a free hosted and professional product website (using Github Pages and Bootstrap template).
  • Indexhibit inspired Bootstrap template | FLUX

    Step-by-step instructions to create a free hosted and professional product website (using Github Pages and Bootstrap template).
  • PlugiZ: Toy Teaching Code | Shragai-Kreisberg

    Experience advisor for a toy desgined to teach programming for early ages with tangible elements.
    [site] [video] [geektime]
  • Geek Picnic Booth | Intel

    Co-directed the intel booth at the geek picnic festival at Sacher Garden, Jerusalem, Israel.
    [site] [international festival]
  • Ball for water physiotherapy | Intel

    Ball gives a feedback when pushed. It adapts to the strength of the user. Powered by Intel Curie.
    [alyn hospital] [video] [code]
  • Carpet Combat (WormZ) | Intel

    Inspired by legendary Worms game, only the worms now play in a 3D world you scan using Intel Realsense Scene Perception technology.
    [AWE 2016] [slides] [video]
  • ToyZ v1.5 | Intel

    Mission based game with short gameplay sessions, using Intel Realsense Scene Perception technology.
    [AWE 2016] [slides]

- 2015 -

  • Intel RealSense Extension for Scratch | Intel

    Scratchers can now play with Intel RealSense technology using blocks on both online and offline versions.
  • AlephChamp Kids play site | Aleph Champ

    Virtual world of games to act as a homework site for an afterschool program to teach american-jewish kids the Hebrew language and jewish culture.
  • Light Racer | Mindcet Makeathon

    Race your toy car by pointing its light sensor to the sun. Instructors can use it to teach about solar panels.
    [video] [mindcet hackathon]
  • ToyZ | Intel

    Open world augmented reality mobile game that can be played anywhere. It demos a technology that continuously scans the environment and adapts to it. Use the different toys to accomplish your missions !
    [CES 2015] [AWE 2015] [video]
  • Warrior Wave | SideKick Games, Intel

    Full game product with 100 levels, based on Hoplites demo. Free to download (requires Intel Realsense 3D sensor to play)
    [download] [SideKick games]

- 2014 -

  • LEGO Portal Racers | LEGO, Metaio, Intel

    Endless runner game powered by intel realsense technology: head and hand tracking.
    [download] [LEGO]
  • Augmented T-Shirt | Intel

    Augmenting content on top of a T-Shirt as a marketing tool
  • Hoplites | Intel

    Platform casual game using 3D palm tracking
    [video] [CES 2014 , 2]
  • The last battle | Weizmann institute

    Location-based learning game activity to get teenagers interested in science
  • X-drive | mindcet hackathon

    Drive a real car simulator while recieving text messages to your smart phone
  • coloruzzle | global game jam hackathon

    Casual puzzle game based on colors
  • Medic Mind | Israel Defense Forces

    3D learning simulation for Medics
    [play] [video]

- 2013 -

  • Disco Hands | Omek Interactive

    Hypnotizing auditory, visual and motion based experience using 3D finger and palm tracking
    [CES 2013] [video]

- 2012 -

  • Avatar Demo | Omek Interactive

    Motion capture tutorial for using 3D animated avatars in game-like environment
  • BallzEye | Omek Interactive

    Hit-as-many-targets-as-possible palm tracking game
    [CES 2014] [DigitalTrends review] [CES 2013]
  • Electro Bouncer | Omek Interactive

    Hold electricity between your palms and avoid hitting obstacles
  • homage for bar tender

    Body tracking bar tender game
  • hole in the wall

    Body tracking hole in the wall game
  • clap clap clap | mindcet hackathon

    Mobile game to teach pre-school kids to count by clapping their hands

- 2011 -

  • Cube RunnAR

    Marker based hole in the wall game
  • Bare Knuckles | Omek Interactive

    Motion capture boxing video game
    [fitness tech summit 2011] [CES 2011] [Art trailer]
  • Galactic Surfers | Omek Interactive

    Motion capture racing video game
    [fitness tech summit 2011] [CES 2011] [Art trailer]
  • Adventure Park | Omek Interactive

    Motion capture action family video game
  • Tower DefensAR

    2D marker-based tower defense game
  • Open source GIT

    Flash and actionscript 3.0 open source library: developer tools, game development, augmented reality, image processing, computer vision

- 2010 -

  • Scratch Card | Omek Interactive

    Motion tracking operated Scratch Card. Highly customizable for marketing
    [video] [ISE 2011]
  • Beckon Flash wrapper | Omek Interactive

    Full body motion tracking API for Adobe Flash
  • Media center | Omek Interactive

    Motion tracking operated home media center
    [CES 2011 - 1, 2] [fitness tech summit 2011]

- 2009 -

  • video library CMS for business | Live definition

    Video content management system; streaming live events and on-demand; adding commercials in real time
  • ARIE: Augmented reality instructions editor | HIT

    Step-by-step real time augmented instructions manual
  • Augmented business card

    Augment your portfolio on top of your business card
  • Augmented museum visit | HIT

    Design for augmented museum visitor framework with personalized tours and experiences

- 2008 -

  • Living in the holy land | HIT

    Educational video game as a teaching tool for the bible stories
  • the drawer | HIT

    Short film about the secret lives of socks. Parody for The Matrix (1999).
    [video] [blog post]
  • Roseta's flowers | HIT interaction lab

    Treat your flower to maintain your virtual presence in a friendship
  • Musikritical | HIT interaction lab

    Redefines the way you set the mood during dining
  • Skype chair | HIT interaction lab

    Skype your friends while at work without getting caught
  • De-Click game | HIT

    Highly customized educational video game to teach letter recognition and develop typing skills

- 2007 -

  • Simon Says: Let's Play | HIT

    Educational video game to teach kids the musical notes

- 2006 -

  • Camera doesnt do what you want it to?

    SLR camera course for dummies
    [download pdf]

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