Others Have Asked (FAQ)

Q: Do you develop the games yourselves?

A: We can, but we don't do this very often. Usually we focus our efforts on the design stages. We believe a good solution comes from good and thorough design thinking. We hire additional members according to the project needs: instructional designers, programmers, graphic designers, musicians, teachers, UX designers, game designers, etc. We have a bank of colleagues we enjoy working with, but we can work with your team as well.

Q: I'm on a tight budget of 1,000$. Can you make me a small scale educational video game?

A: Probably not. Building a solid bridge takes time. We need you to understand that discovering innovation, especially in the educational field, is not easy. We will find it, but it takes time. Designing a great experience is hard. Designing a great learning experience is a lot harder. Learning experience has important measureable goals, far beyond making an enjoyable activity.

Q: Can you help with “simple” products? Things that are not game-related?

A: Yes, we can. We focus on educational products or ones that relate to learning. Our expertise derives from our experience with using technology in the learning process. There are many great UX professionals out there. Make sure you use us for technology-related or game-related educational innovations. We will not work on products that are not educational, like casino games, even though we certainly can. We will not take projects that we do not believe in.

Q: What is F.L.U.X?

A: The name is the initials of: Fun Learning User Experiences. Pronounced Floox.

FLUX: Learning Experiences

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