The combination of our skillset creates one mesh from education, empowerment and growth mindset, technological innovation and enjoyable experiences. We have years of experience with emergent technology, teaching, gaming and designing products and learning activities for people.

Liron Levi
Life Coach

Experienced emotional coacher, therapist and educator, effectively motivating and empowering others. Well organized & sensitive for details. Active member of the local education community, quietly helping those in need.

Over 15 years of educational experience: formal and informal education systems, from infants through teenagers to elderly.

Certified life coach (David Yalin school of education), expert for adulthood, relationships, parenting & family, by the Granit method.

Certified professional reflexologist (Reidman international college for complementary medicine), expert for diagnosing and treating body and mind.

Loves: music, food, wine, poetry, hosting, philosophy, Jerusalem, adventures, and unconventional good hearted people.



Shachar Oz Experience Designer

Senior experience designer and educational game developer specializing in motion tracking, augmented reality and gesture recognition. Active member in the local design, development, gaming and ed-tech communities. Often give talks in conferences, unconferences, code in hackathons and organize new events.

Almost a decade of experience in design and development of learning experiences, video games, emergent technologies. Over 15 product releases.

Extensive teaching experience: formal and informal systems.

Batchelor in Learning Technologies (Holon institute of technology, Israel).

Also works as a Strategic User Experience Consultant. Worked for Intel Corporation after they acquired a startup he worked for.



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